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Biomarker Analytic Research Core (Lab Tests)

The Biomarker Analytical Research Core (Lab Tests) is the central translational technologies laboratory. Patient samples that are handled on both campuses are routed through the BARC. The main analytic functions include stable isotope dilution assays, radioimmunometric assays, biomarker and substrate analyses, and sample/DNA processing. In addition, we provide high-throughput analyses using mass spectrometry and other methods for a wide range of analytes. Contact Administrator

Biorepository Core (Clinical Biospecimens)

Patient-derived specimens are essential to research in genomics, proteomics, and biomarkers. This core provides banking for biological fluid and tissue specimens as well as human DNA and RNA. BioR provides secure archival sample storage as well as clinically-annotated specimen biobanks for defined research projects. Samples can be banked by an individual PI or by a consortium of investigators. The facility works under the best practices set out by NCI and ISBER (2006) for collection, storage, and retrieval of human biological materials for research. Contact Administrator

Biostatistics (Research Design and Analysis)

The Research Design and Analysis Core is comprised of faculty with expertise in clinical trials, population-based research, and genetic analytic methods, and who provide a wide range of expertise, including study design, biostatistics analyses, and novel methodologies. The resource provides statistical and epidemiologic, support, collaborates with investigators, and identifies new problems and statistical method solutions. Walk-In Biostatistics Consulting is available on both campuses, where investigators can drop by and receive advice about their projects from statisticians. Contact Administrator

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

The Core is closely allied with the new Health Research Implementation Core to enhance community engagement with research that impacts health care. The Core works with The Bronx Health Link to expand collaborations and engagement with the Bronx community and healthcare partners. It helps advance life span, child health, and aging research across genders and special populations, by working with the Bronx Community Research Review Board. Finally, the Core innovates methods and processes that advance clinical research by linking with the Community Engagement Research Academy (CERA) to advance team science. Contact Administrator

Health Informatics Core (Atlas, Redcap, etc.)

The Health Informatics Core (Atlas, Redcap, etc.) supports the clinical data pipeline for Einstein and Montefiore. This provides informatics infrastructure, tools, and standards that optimize collection, retrieval, integration, sharing, processing, and communication of biological, clinical, and environmental data for clinical and translational research. The HIC is a trans-disciplinary service that supports all investigators with the entire life-cycle of information processing for translational research across the diverse spectrum of translational and outcomes research. Contact Administrator